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Sadly, today we were made aware of the unfortunate passing of Kwon Ri Sae, known as Rise of Ladies’ Code. Hopefully she is resting in a better place, as we give our best wishes to both Rise and EunB in heaven. I wish that both girls have found the peace and happiness that they deserve, and that they are both able to remain in health and in spirit.

It is incredibly disheartening to see the loss of yet another young, extremely talented woman, one who connected with the hearts of many. For that reason, it is important that we continue to keep Ladies’ Code in our hearts and prayers, for we do not know how much pain and sadness they are experiencing right now.

Rest in peace EunB and Rise, you will never be forgotten.
It is with an extremely heavy heart that I wish for EunB of Ladies’ Code to rest in peace. Although I had not been a fan of the group, I knew that they were incredibly talented girls and deserved immense success. I knew that they were all kindhearted and devoted to their work, and for that it is incredibly sad to see EunB go. I wish her family, friends and members the best in this time, as it is tragic to see such a fragrant, young girl pass away at such a young age.

EunB, you will always be remembered. I hope you are in a better place now.

Rest in peace. We will never forget you.

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